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    9.84′ Small Feather Flag – Single-Sided Graphic Only


    This Single-Sided printed banner is a replacement graphic for the Small Feather Banner Stand.

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    9.84′ Small Feather Flag – Spike Base Double-Sided Graphic Package


    This 9.84 ft. Small Feather Banner Stand is exactly the same as the Single-Sided Graphic Package, except this choice comes with a Double-sided custom graphic. For the double-sided feather graphic, we print two (2) separate flags, and we place silver-gray blocker material in the middle. All 3 pieces of fabric are sewn together to create a non-see-through double-sided banner flag.

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    9.84′ Small Feather Flag – Spike Base Single-Sided Graphic Package


    This Small Feather Flag graphic package comes with single-sided custom print, stand and spike base. With the default spike base, use this 9.84 ft. tall flag on any grass or soft, penetrable ground. Upgrade to an X-base to use on any hard ground outside, such as concrete, or indoors (ceiling height permitting). The banner design is customized to your graphic artwork, and is printed on a polyester mesh by the process of dye sublimation.


    • Pole
    • Spike Base
    • Printed Banner (Single-Sided)
    • Nylon Bag